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All our clinics are fully Regulated and Inspected by the Care Quality Commission



The Harmony Medical Diet Clinic was founded in July 1990.


With a qualified doctor on hand and an easy to follow diet, the Harmony Medical Diet Clinic's slimming scheme is a great choice if you want to lose weight.


We believe that the steps to successful slimming are:


- eat plenty

- eat frequently

- choose variety


The patient is given a comprehensive diet sheet which is specifically designed to simplify the dieter's life as it is very easy to follow.


Appetite suppressant medication - Phentermine and Diethylpropion - available.


Ultimately, the clinic helps its patients target the best foods rather than cutting down on them in order to maximise their chances of the fabulous and healthy figure they desire.

Health professionals often use the body mass index (BMI) calculation your weight divided by your height to work out if you are a healthy weight, overweight or obese. You can calculate your BMI using the NHS BMI calculator by clicking on this link: NHS BMI Calculator

If your BMI is lower than 28, please contact us prior to arrival.

Healthy weight: BMI of 18.5 to 24.9
Overweight: BMI of 25 to 29.9
Obesity: BMI of 30 or above



Please note:   The clinic will be closed on all Bank Holidays and on the following dates:

London, Wood Green

The Wood Green branch will be closed on Monday 05th April, reopening Tuesday 06th April

Open every Monday and Tuesday only.

Closed: Monday-Tuesday 28th-29th December 2020 


Open every Wednesday 

Closed: Wednesday 30th December 2020 


Open every Thursday

Closed: Thursday 31st December 2020 


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